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Live, love and swim in fun style with our eco-friendly swim nappies designed for maximum comfort and flexibility. Our swim nappies feature a thick and stretchy elastic waistband as well as a double leg cuff to ensure everything is “all in” against any little accidents.

Our swim nappies are certified and labelled vegan and animal cruelty-free from V-label and TUV Austria as well as terminologically-tested by Dermatest GbH.

Made from unique materials that doesn't swell when in contact with water.

How To Dispose:

Tear one side of the swim nappy then tear the other side. Hold the "sinking submarine" from the bottom part and place in a biodegradable nappy bag. Secure and tie the bio nappy bag loosely so as to let oxygen permeate inside. Dispose and place on top of the disposable bin.
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